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April 2007

INTERNATIONAL PATHWORK CONFERENCE 2007 – IXTAPA, MEXICO - Attendee report by Isabelle Meulnet, HDP 3, Pathwork Vermont -

On March 6-11, 2007 , Sahra Aschenbach, Mary Jane Ihasz and Isabelle Meulnet, from Pathwork Vermont , traveled to Ixtapa- Mexico , to attend the 2007- International Pathwork Conference, called “Building Bridges on the Path”. More than 300 Pathworkers worldwide gathered to learn, share and challenge one another in our understanding and experience with the Pathwork teachings.

The conference, presented simultaneously in Spanish, English and Portuguese, had two parts: a leadership part and a general conference part. It was created and expertly orchestrated by three teams: the Mexican, the International Pathwork Foundation and the Design teams.

A) First three days:

Leadership Conference

The first three days of the conference brought together 60 worldwide leaders, who gathered to present, assess, explore and challenge the state of Pathwork around the world.

  • The unveiling of Pathwork Mexico : two beautiful ceremonies:

1 )”In the Alchemy of the Crucible, Pathwork Mexico was born..."::

This opening ceremony was led by Andre Leites, founder and director of Pathwork Mexico . Andres told of his 20 years long, and at times difficult, journey to bring the Pathwork teachings to Mexico . He shared the history of Pathwork Mexico: how it came out of the split from the Phoenicia Center after Eva's death; its struggle to stay alive; the conscious choice, ten years ago, to separate from the rest of the Pathwork world and the isolation that followed; its current state of 84 helpers, 20 teachers and 600 students; the longing of its members to reach out and re-connect with the Pathwork worldwide.

2) Stepping down Ceremony:

In this very moving ceremony, Andre Leites, stepped down as founder and director of Pathwork Mexico and passed over the leadership “baton” (it actually was a ancient and majestic gong) to the upcoming leader, OlgaTanaka , and her executing team, Perla Barabak and Yolanda de l os Reyes, all from the new generation of Mexican Pathworkers

  • Pathwork in the World: connections and relationships
  • Movement Meditation with Amanda van Bowen, president of the Foundation: Amanda taught us the simple art of creating intimacy without words. Through gentle

Exploring the evolution of the Pathwork “Who are we today? Who are we becoming? What does the world need from us?” This group discussion and brain storming session was led by Michael Roblee and Gene Humphrey, two long-time Pathworkers from Michigan and California .

During that time, we also explored the meaning and the importance of strengthening our ability to name and hold “our tension fields”. A tension field arises when our healthy adult ego is able to name that our child consciousness / lower self has been triggered and is in an emotional reaction, while, at the same time, maintain its own alignment with the God-Self/ Higher Self within. Holding a tension field, with integrity, patience and without forcing an outcome, allows an organic healing process to emerge.

During this section of the conference, we collectively created and held an incredibly charged and potent tension field. This field had been over thirty years in the making, and had arisen out of the unresolved splits and pain of exclusion held by many of the original Pathworkers (before and after Eva’s death.) At the beginning of this session, Mary Jane and I (both graduates from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing), and 4 others, had volunteered to hold and ground the boundaries of the group. In the safety of this sacred container, a tension field emerged and grew steadily, energetically charged by all our unconscious and unresolved issues. As the group’s Lower Self was released, a lot of negative and painful energies lashed out all over the place. In the end truth telling, sobs, tears and every one’s willingness to own their part brought about a remarkable healing for all involved.

Pathwork in the 21st Century.This leading edge discussion-meditation was presented by Brooks Greene-Barton, from California .

Brooks talked about the evolution of humanity and of the opportunity for Pathwork to be a leader in the 21 st century. He asked us to meditate on the question“How do we - Pathwork - want to be seen by the world?” and feel into what it would be like to take full responsibility for how other people experience who we are. He described the importance of finding unity within us, among us and with Higher Consciousness /God. He showed us how this task was essential for the survival of humanity and how a positive future absolutely depended on it.

The first part of this conference ended on two profoundly moving and hopeful notes: the reunification of the International Pathwork Foundation with Pathwork Mexico and Andres Leites on one hand; the telling of truth and reconciliation among some of the original participants of the first Pathwork Helpers class / community on the other hand.

B) Last three days:

General Conference

The last three days brought an additional 250 participants, one third Mexican students and the rest Pathworkers from as far as Brazil , Uruguay , Argentina , Chile , Colombia , USA , Canada , Majorca and Israel .

· Opening ceremony

(Similar to the Unveiling of Pathwork Mexico from Day 1 of the conference)

This was a festive, exciting and moving ceremony among Mexican Pathwork teachers, leaders and their students and the rest of the world ! Sahra, Mary Jane and I participated and Pathwork Vermont was honored as one of the representatives from the United States . What an amazing and beautiful demonstration of love, passion and heart connections among all! It was truly a joy to witness.

· Creating our new “families"

In this exercise we were divided into 20 groups of 15. All fifteen members of each group came together as a family. Each family had the same family names (" random" names picked out of a fish bowl). Some appointed time each day was spent in our individual family with the tasks of connection, communication and relating. Sahra picked the "Power" family; MJ, the "Spirituality" family and I, the “Positive Intentionality" family. One of our tasks was to talk about "why we picked this particular name /family!”. Another challenge was to communicate: tough task within family members who did not necessary speak the same language!!! From this simple exercise came an opportunity to learn about our specific place and experience in our own family of origin.

· Various powerful meditations

“Writing a love letter to your frightened child/fear” , with Barbara Azzarra, from California Pathwork.

We had the opportunity to hold and embrace, from our God-Selves, the “frightened, tender little one within”, who had just learned that s/he was now a part of an unfamiliar family which did not speak his/her language. For many of us this further deepened our connection with “family of origin” work…its wounds and the healing of the wounds.

•“The heart dance/ meditation” , with Peg and Gene Humphrey, Pathwork California .

This moving meditation was powerful. For me, it brought up insights on many levels. The dance was done four times, each time facing one of the directions: East, South, West and North. Each direction connected me to 1) the future and what is possible; 2) the past and the teachings of my ancestors; 3) the present and the teaching of what is present now; 4) the center and the teaching of my heart. This meditation also helped me to feel at the cellular level the power of my own heart. I deeply listened to and heard its rhythm in its expansion and contraction phases. Through the opening and closing movements of my arm and heart I connected to the experience of giving and receiving of love. I saw the choice I have, every moment, to say YES and NO to life.

The repetition of the simple movements of this meditation brought about a trance-like feeling. It forced me to let go of the mind and connected me to my heart and the ultimate simplicity of life. It reminded me of the truth around giving and receiving: that the more you give the more you receive. This heart chakra meditation done by 300 people all gathered in one room doing exactly the same movement, at the same time, brought forth the experience of one heart, one breath, one movement, one focus, one humanity. Within 15 minutes, without one spoken word, among 300 other beings, I knew unity; I remembered Oneness.

Similar to Bio-Dancing, this dance was done among all of us: no words; just movement, music and heart.

Panel discussions: Presentation from various Pathwork Centers worldwide: Brazil, Uruguay, Holland, Mexico and others presented and answered questions about how they began, what worked and what did not work.

•Various Pathwork Workshops: One dozen various Pathwork workshops were offered in the afternoons during the last two days of the conference. Sahra Aschenbach and Madeline Dietrich presented one called “The Challenges and Opportunities for Building Community in small Chapters and Groups”. Mary Jane went to one called “Pathwork and Kabbalah; The Great Paradigm of Relationship”” presented by Iris Markham, a helper and teacher form the Great Lakes Region and I went to one called” Create and Believe” taught by Olga Tanaka and Perla Barabak. More than anything, I wanted to experience “the Mexican touch”.

·International Pathwork Foundation (IPF)

1) Intro / Presentation, with Amanda van Bowen and most of the Trustees. They presented the history and functions of the Foundation, and described its current vision: “To create a spiritual container for the worldwide Pathwork that helps us to live the teachings and bring them out in the world.” They invited us to participate in designing its future role, and mission.

2) Stepping down ceremony, where Amanda stepped down as president of the Foundation. This was a beautiful and touching ceremony where Amanda recounted her calling during the 2004 International Pathwork Conference in Brazil to step forward and become the president of the Foundation. She described her journey of the last three years, what she had held, “birthed” and what she was leaving behind (“this beautiful infant!”). She introduced the trustees, her support team and ended her heartfelt presentation with her current call to step down.

Small group discussions : In these discussions we explored how we could, individually and collectively, best “Build Bridges on the Path”. Eight groups were formed and brainstormed on what was needed to spread the teachings of the Pathwork worldwide. In our English-speaking group we summarized our exploration into three words: Cohesiveness (through the Guide Lectures), Connection (through love) and Communication (through the Internet). We created a mantra out of what we had learned, and Linda Farrell, from Pathwork Vermont and Pathwork Michigan added an energetic- movement component to it .I was impressed by the creativity, diversity and uniqueness of all presentations!

"Building Bridges" (out of balloons): the closing ceremony

At the end, we energetically integrated the material of the conference by building symbolic bridges out of balloons, goodwill and a lot of laughter. Pathwork Mexico had welcomed and received us well! We returned home, uplifted, enchanted and filled to the brim with generous gifts of connectedness, expansion, love and inspiration.

C) What I learned;

• On being a leader: After the first two days at the conference my first realization was that I was among peers. I was a leader. After many years of studying and learning from the Guide’s teachings it felt empowering to stand up and own this leadership. I realized that my Pathwork training had been first class, and that the programs that Sahra Aschenbach and Ingrid Schirrholz had designed for Pathwork Vermont were truly the top of the line! I learned I had moved through the three Pathwork stages. From 1) being nurtured, I had moved into 2) learning self-nurturing and was now in 3) the nurturing of others.

• On exclusion: I know that on one level, it was no coincidence that I happened to be present when this charged tension field arose in the leadership group and was followed by this powerful healing. As my personal tension field arose, I searched within myself how I had contributed to the collective human pain of “exclusion”. I examined how and where I excluded myself, first between the various aspects of my own self, secondly within the context of the Pathwork Vermont community, thirdly within the world at large. I connected to my own pain of having been excluded and excluding others. I became curious about exploring the ramifications of such original exclusion that began in the Pathwork of Eva’s time. I wondered how overtime, energetically, this pain had drifted down, and in subtle ways had affected all of the subsequent Pathwork regions. I understood then about the energetic creative power held in one’s family lineage, and how any unresolved emotional issue held within the “ancestors” structure will continually affect and bind all of its descendants until it is addressed.

 On building bridges: Pathwork Mexico ’s longing to reach out into the Pathwork world for connections was what fueled the creation of this stunning conference. For me this reinforced the power held in one’s intentionality, and how when we are aligned with our heart’s longing and follow it through “miracles” happen. I realized that I could use this theme of “building bridges” as a reminder to keep on connecting my Lower Self with my adult self and my Higher Self; as an invitation to reach out and keep on making closer connections and exchanges within my own community, and with Pathworkers worldwide; as a possibility of co-creating a “new Foundation” (i.e. as in participating in the upbringing “the “infant” left by Amanda) and establishing new, stronger ties with it.

• On essence and form: As a body, energy, consciousness worker I am fascinated by the relationship between consciousness and energy. During the course of the conference I noticed how energy follows consciousness. For example I saw how becoming conscious of one’s longing (Pathwork Mexico reaching out to Pathwork worldwide) become the precursor to manifesting that longing (the creation of this conference). I also saw how glitches, mistakes and obstacles that occurred during the conference first had to exist in the consciousness, or most likely unconsciousness, of all participants before manifesting into form or current reality. I saw clearly, especially during the Heart meditation/dance led by Peg and Gene Humphrey, that form – i.e. we, in our human form- can re-member oneness, formlessness, by allowing our heart energy to guide us. I realized that to change the form- the creation- we first must change the consciousness; which is just what the Guide shows us how to do.

• On holding the Feminine and Masculine principles: It was interesting for me to see how tension fields arose and dissipated from event to event. I was able to see how tension fields exist on many levels and how they are absolutely essential on our journey of evolution. I realized that on this earth plane, on the level of matter, consciousness seems to need two apparent “opposite” poles in order to manifest. I noticed that tension made up the very strength of the fabric of the conference; that every healing or growth that happened during the conference happened because tension fields were created and held between two strong “opposite” poles. For example, the structured pole (represented by Michael and Gene) was held alongside the unstructured pole (embodied by Amanda); the masculine principle was held with the feminine principle; the manifest (form) with the unmanifest (essence); matter ( humanity) with void (divinity). I realized then that it is by holding both poles that we actually hold unity. I finally understood viscerally what the Guide meant when he talked about “the sacred marriage” between the divine masculine and the divine feminine; and how this lead to the experience of God! I understood that the human journey is not about choosing or siding with one or the other side of any two” opposites”, as much as holding the tension field that arises, and allowing what needs to happen to happen. (Usually an energetic release!)

On the power of “holding the tension field”- During the important healing that took place during the leadership conference, I was challenged to hold and name my personal process, my own tension field, and the group process. It was intense. It was powerful. Sometime I could hold both poles at the same time, other times not. All the while however, I could watch and name my process. In the end, I felt privileged to have been part of such healing! (within me, and within the group). I knew I had witnessed a sacred and profound moment in the history of the Pathwork!

• I have seen manifest how, with clear and sincere intentionality, most family’s unprocessed pain and inner split can be named and brought forth to truly begin its healing process. I saw that when we are able to identify and own our pain- both in its giving and its receiving aspects- and give back to our family what does not belong to us (the giving and receiving aspects of pain held by each and every other member of the family) we create an energetic container that becomes a potential portal for awakening and healing for all.I realized that the existence of tension fields provide the opportunity to explore our attitudes toward them, find the territories within our psyche that remain unexplored and continue our work of mapping the uncharted.

• On the power of the heart : Iexplored the many levels of communications and connections held within my heart. Pathwork Mexico modeled a very important one: that of direct heart connection, of creation of intimacy without words. Throughout this conference I felt my heart expand. I experienced union: union within self, with other and with Oneness. I also experienced how, to avoid feeling pain, my heart contracts. My task is to allow this natural rhythm of my heart to happen, and to be aware of it as it happens. The deeper I am involved in this dance, the closer I pay attention, the more I am awed! I see clearly that as long as I think I have to choose one pole over the other, my “beautiful problems” surface. Only by remembering to insert feeling into the equation will a “beautiful tension field” arise, and, given time, organically dissipate of its own volition. The result: healing and growth of consciousness.


June 2008


and the Haric Dimension

Part 1:
The Power of Intention


I fully entered the haric dimension in 2003, during my third year of studies at the Barbara Brenann School of Healing. From Barbara’s perspective, there are at least four levels or dimensions to a human being. What they are and how these levels interact with each other form the foundation of her teachings. The first dimension is the familiar physical world in which we live, which responds to specific physical laws. A quantum leap deeper within our physical body lays the 2nd dimension, which is the energetic framework or structure upon which the physical world rests. Some people refer to it as the subtle body or the aura. Barbara calls it the human energy field and the auric field. It responds to its own energetics laws. Another quantum leap deeper into the auric field lays the third dimension of a human being: the haric dimension, in which we hold our intentions. Intentions have a tremendous importance in the creative process. Another yet quantum leap deeper leads us into the core of our being, into our divine essence. This is the dimension of "the knower", the place where we access the Source of all creation. It is from this place that all life force, all creative movement arises. Every creative act manifests first as consciousness in our core, then intention in the haric level, life energies in the auric level and finally emerges as "the creation" in the physical universe. When source energy flows unencumbered throughout all the dimensions of our being, we create health, peace, joy, pleasure and anything we can conceive of. When Source energy gets blocked in anyone of the levels, we create pain. What follows is an exploration and description of intention and the haric dimension as I bring them into my Pathwork sessions. It is a study of the power of intentionality, both in its positive and negative aspects and the essential role it plays in our daily life. 

I – The Power of Intention

A - What is intention?

Intention has commonly been defined as a purpose accompanied by a great determination to produce a specific result. Modern western societies support and encourage people driven by intention, because such people are seen as good citizens with a strong will who can get things done. Intention as such exists in the personality or ego-will level (the 2nd dimension) of our being. As we move into a more holographic and holistic view of ourselves and the world, intention takes on a broader and yet more specific meaning. When we shift our thinking from a purely psychological or personal-growth approach to a more spiritual one, intention becomes something much more than a determined ego or a forceful will. It is no longer just something that we do, but rather a force, a movement, a consciousness that exists in the universe as an invisible field of energy. At this level, which Barbara Brennan calls the haric dimension, intention is something that we are. In the third dimension of our being, intention shifts from being ego-based (the forceful personal will) to being spirit- based (the higher intelligence or Universal Will). 

“In the universe, there is an immeasurable, indescribable force which, Shamans call intent, and absolutely everything that exists in the entire cosmos is attached to intent by a connecting link.”[1]

So what is this field of energy? What does intention at this level looks like? How does it influence our life, our world? In the Intention Experiment, Lynn McTaggard, tells us that “according to quantum physicists, the universe is a single organism, a field of energy made of interconnected energy waves that are continuously exchanging information and are in a constant state of becoming”. This would seem to support a holographic view of a constantly changing and evolving universe where everything in it is interconnected with everything else, and where the part contains and affects the whole, and vice versa. Physicists also tell us that at the subatomic level, change occurs through energy shifts, meaning that one particle’s shift affects another and another and another, until the whole field is affected and transformed. This implies that the universe and everything in it is highly malleable and open to influence, close and far.

“The universe is so rich, so fertile, and so malleable with the creative mind power that it will give you anything you allow yourself to receive, providing this giving does not violate the law of love.”[2]

Human beings are part of this universal web of existence. From this perspective, it would make sense to say that being part of an infinite, eternal, never-ending, never beginning universe makes us infinite beings having temporary human experiences in a finite world. Yet, most human see themselves as finite beings. In truth we are powerful beyond measure and yet, we rarely experience ourselves as being such; as belonging; as being connected; as being the creative force itself.

"A human being is part of the whole, called by us “universe”, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest- a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness.”[3]

Moment by moment the life force arises from the core of our being. This creative movement holds one, clear and unique intent: to create. It is this energy-consciousness that propels us toward our potential for a purposeful life. Every moment, as observers and creators, we are engaged in the process of remaking and influencing ourselves, the world.Every moment we are constantly sending intentions out in the universe. Even our current state of mind carries an intention that has an effect on life around us. The mind affects its surrounding whether we are conscious of it or not, for “to think is to affect”[4]

[1] Carlos Castaneda

[2] Pathwork Guide – Lecture # 198

[3] Albert Einstein

[4]David Hawkins- Power vs. Force

Part 2:

How intention impact others, life, the world.

Everything in the universe is a movement of energy. Matter, solid form, the physical world is very slow energy that can be perceived by our human senses. Human beings are energy systems, not only systems of bones, fluids and cells, but also systems of thoughts, feelings and emotions. Scientists tell us that everything in this world can be reduced to energy patterns that can be measured; that energy is measured by speed and the size of the wave being created. The size of the wave is measured from low to high and slow to fast. From that perspective, anything we attribute to the conditions in the world we live in is a judgment imposed upon these pulsating frequencies. Love, kindness, health, abundance, beauty, creativity, compassion are all associated by higher, faster energy while hatred, rage, resentment, negativities are associated with lower, slower energy. Higher frequencies will impact lower ones. Higher/ faster energies dissolve and convert slower/lower energies. The higher/faster our energy, the more able we are to nullify our lower energies. When light is brought to darkness, darkness becomes light, which can be explained as follow: when low energies are faced with high energies, they experience an automatic conversion. On the vibratory level, aligning with Unitive Consciousness means holding within ourselves the highest frequency of all. It means allowing the all-creating Spirit itself to move through us. . It was Albert Einstein who observed: "Nothing happens until something moves."[1]

My training at the Barbara Brennan School has taught me to look at everything in term of energy and vibration. I have learned that high energies act as tuning forks to low energies. In a universe where all forms of matter have the ability to pick up and transmit energy signals across time and space, our physical and subtle bodies (thoughts, feelings, attitudes, words and actions ) become powerful transmitters and receptors. Whether we know it or not, we are constantly in relationship, in communication and in tune with one another and everything in this universe. If in fact we are constantly affecting the entire universe and are affected by it but are not aware of it, what would happen if we consciously intended to influence it? How would change impact us, others, the world? What would it look like in terms of vibration and energy?

“In this interconnected universe, every improvement we make in our private world improves the world at large for everyone. We all float on the collective level of unconsciousness of mankind, so that any increment we add comes back to us.” [2]

Positive Intentions:

The evolution of human consciousness is one of awakening to the many dimensions of our being and the realization that we are much more than this physical, finite body. In terms of intentionality, the journey becomes one of being able to realize that we have come here with an individual life task, a deep spiritual purpose; that we indeed are powerful beyond measure; that we can choose what and how we contribute to this world; that we are indeed the creators of our reality. In the haric dimension, we learn to surrender our personal will to that which holds the highest of life's frequencies: Universal will. When we align with the creative intelligence responsible for all creation, everything is perceived from a perspective of inspiration and opportunities rather than judgment. When we are aligned with Universal Will, our thoughts, feelings and beliefs system are aligned with the exquisite vibrations of love, receptivity, acceptance, beauty and compassion . In this way we get to generate the same life-giving qualities that bring everything into existence. To access this creative power, we need to realign our own individual creative impulse with life’s creative pulse. To the degree we have let go of personal will and can align with Universal Will, to that degree we are in positive intentionality. Aligned with universal Will, we resist nothing; we no longer struggle. We are able to flow in the life stream.

Ego assists us in staying within the normal and the ordinary. It insists that we stay within the safety of “the box”. Ego does not like to “rock the boat”. It wants us to conform to what we’ve been taught, to reason, to what we know, see and touch, to our physical reality. It keeps us prudent, cautious and safe. If we want to transcend the ordinary (ego dimension) and move into the realm of the extraordinary (spirit dimension), we need to say YES more frequently. YES to life and all of its offerings.

“I rarely let the word NO escape

From my mouth

Because it is so plain to my soul

That God has shouted YES! YES! YES!

To every luminous movement in Existence”[3]

Useful aspects of Intention.

Creativity or the creative power of intention:

Without this aspect of intentionality, nothing would come into existence. Spirit, the life force, is creative at its core. Universal Will brings the formless into form. When I align with Universal Will, I access this power of creation, trusting that anything I can conceive of can come into manifestation.

That which IS is manifested;

That which has been or shall be is unmanisfested,

but not dead;

For soul, the eternal activity of God

animates all things."[4]

Kindness or the need to hold gently:

Universal Will intends its creation to grow, develop and flourish. As a helper and healer, I support people where they are in a gentle, kind yet firm way. I am aware that there is no need for them to be anywhere else, to be more advanced, more feeling or more aware than where they are.

"Simple kindness to one’s self and all that lives is the most powerful transformational force of all. It produces no backlash, has no downside, and never leads to loss or despair. It increases one’s own true power without exacting any toll. But to reach maximum power such kindness can permit no exceptions, nor can it be practiced with the expectation of some selfish reward. And its effect is as far reaching as it is subtle. “[5]

 Loving Compassion / Unconditional Love:

This is the essence and the basic substance of Universal Will. It is ”the most powerful force in the universe; without love nothing exists”[6]. It is a spiritual vibration that carries divine intention into the physical world and its “ten thousand things.” Love is a quality that enhances, encourages and supports all of life in a totally cooperative environment. It is all inclusive and cooperating, rather than exclusive and competitive. It is the force that encourages us to become all that we are capable of becoming. If we don't do what we love or love what we do, the power of intention weakens because we are no longer aligned with Divine Mind, with Source energy. When I hold the vibration of unconditional love within my field, I open the door to new possibilities of being, of creation, for the worker/ client.

“Someday after we have mastered the winds, the waves, the tide and

gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love. And then, for the second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.”[7]


Intention holds the quality of love and beauty in relationship. We came into this world from that which perceived us as an expression of beauty...for the Creative Mind creates nothing but. As I become receptive to seeing and feeling beauty around me, even in -what my ego-self perceives as -the worse of circumstances, I become attuned to the creative power of intention within everything. At the Spirit level, consciousness and energy are one. At this level, the frequencies are so high that disorder, disharmony, illness are impossible. These are the energies of creation, of the life force, of the universal spirit. Aligning with the intention of seeing beauty in my clients, workers’ life circumstances helps me to “see Jesus Christ in all his distressing disguises.”[8]My intention is to see my clients and worker in their divine perfection, or in Hafiz’s simple words, in the astonishing light of their own being.

Expansion or divine masculine principle:

The expansion principle continuously expands towards more life. All life originates from this forward, formless movement, which is self-perpetuating. It increases and supports all aspects of life. Life begets life. Life can never be non-life. When aligned with the expansive principle, I open up my sessions to new creativity, growth, building, inner- outer searching, and generosity.

Receptivity or divine feminine principle:

No one and nothing is rejected by the receptive aspect of Intentionality. It welcomes everyone and everything without judgment. Aligned with the divine feminine principle, I say YES to what the universe wants to bring forth. I am open, undefended, receptive and responsive to my clients and workers. I embody a “container” that is willing to receive what is without interpretation or judgment. When I am receptive, I am in harmony with the universal creative force.

“The spirit reveals itself to everyone with the same intensity and consistency,

but only warriors are consistently attuned to such revelations.”[9]

Unlimited abundance:

    We are part of a neutral, abundant universe, always changing, always in the process of creating itself. Nothing needs be earned; everything - air, sun, water, love…etc - is given freely. We are created from this endless abundance, therefore we are that force of creation and there is no limit to our potential, individually and collectively. Think of the great resource of the human mind...what of the divine mind? We are co-creator. We can create everything we can conceive of. As I align with the life force, extending YES whenever feasible, I become that force of creation, that original intent. The closer I resonate with the frequencies of the universal all-creating Source, the more I impact workers and clients with lower energies, the more I contribute positively to the world.

“The deeper the self-realization of a man, the more he influences the whole universe by his subtle spiritual vibrations, and the less himself is affected by the phenomenal influx”[10]

Negative Intentions:

Most people in our culture are largely disconnected from the earth, from their fellow creatures, from God, from their purpose and from themselves. This causes a great deal of physical, psychological and spiritual pain. Most people operate with very little in the way of mental coherence. On one hand, we walk around lost in fragmented and dissonant thoughts, on internal chatter which always focuses on the past or the future; rarely on the present. We do not know why we are here. We do not believe there is a purpose to our life, and life in general. We are uncomfortable on earth, in all the levels of our being. Oftentimes, we go through life with the following attitude: “Life sucks and then you die.” On the other hand, we, like the rest of the universe, are constantly in a state of becoming. Even the physicists have rallied to this profound understanding: The universe is in the process of evolving, changing and transforming. Likewise, whether we are aware of it or not, we are constantly contributing to the creation of ourselves, life, and the world. How could we not? We are made of Source Energy and the creative process is our natural, inherent state.

Human’s intentions (positive and negative- conscious and unconscious) have a great effect on the creation of the state of the world. Behind everything we do, there is an intention. If we are unable to bring forth what we want, it is because we have mixed intentions inside. We are at cross-purpose, pulled in two different directions with one side really wanting this or that (conscious) and the other side really not wanting this or that (unconscious) It is therefore essential to find out what these intentions are and sort them out. If we want to change our reality we need to become aware of how we manage our intentionality. We must discover where we have become misaligned, where we are no longer aligned with Universal Will. We need to start acknowledging and naming the existence and power of our negative intentionality.

“The more a person fears that what he wants will not materialize, the less faith he has in his life and the less he is connected with his own negative will.”[11]

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Part 3

II – Intentionality and Pathwork Sessions (50/50 Work©)

A – The role of Intentionality

As Pathwork helper, my intention is to accompany and support workers on their journey to awakening. It is to be there to receive their path, their truth and their solutions as they arise. I intend to help them understand and navigate the three spheres of human consciousness: the Individualized Self, the Universal Self and the Universal Spirit spheres. The first sphere is the sphere of duality and immaturity where everything is perceived as either-or. Thisis the sphere where we defend against andresist life, where we are separate (from others, life, God) and alone. The 2 sphere is the sphere where we are mature enough to perceive and understand the reality of life on earth. This acceptance and understanding gives rise to the Undefended Self, the self that is unblocked and thus open to experience Unitive Consciousness / God. “ As you use your ego faculties to put them into service of your divine intelligence, ( inner intuitive channel)the two will merge and become one”[1].In the 3 sphere, we experience transcendental reality, a Unitive State that knows that ultimately there is “only good, only right, only life.”[2] As we become increasingly undefended and thus open to experiencing ourselves as a Higher Consciousness, a sense of planetary responsibility arises, as does the need and desire to serve in a greater cause: the evolution of consciousness on the planet and the relief of suffering for all beings.

“Your sole business in life is to attain God-realization. Everything else is useless and worthless[1]”.

The source of all our problems and suffering come from misidentification and misperceptions. We identify with the image of ourselves that ego / society/ parents

have created of us; image of body, thoughts, beliefs, feelings, actions, achievements and possessions. When we are identified with ego (who we think we are) we

experience ourselves as separate, and we perceive the world as “other”. This sense

of separateness keeps us locked in fear and in need to defend against life / others/

God. It leads us to compare, to wanting to be special, important and to compete with each other.

As a helper, my intention is to identify how the worker defends against and resists life and find out what her undeveloped consciousness within demands from others / life / God. It is in our relationship with other that we can gage how much we live in reality, how much we accept and love ourselves. It is through our relationship with each other that we learn and grow conscious. We can not do it alone.

“Alone we can do nothing.

But together our minds fuse into something

Whose power is far beyond

The power of its separate parts.

The kingdom cannot be found alone,

And you who are the kingdom

Cannot find yourself alone.”[2]

Thoughts have a frequency of pulsations that moves faster than sound and light. Every thought we have impact the world, by strengthening us or weakening us. Low energy thoughts, immature attitudes, and unrecognized negativities – what the Pathwork Guide calls the lower self- weakens and dis-empowers us. Judgment, hatred, fear, self- importance, pride, rage, doubts, shame, resentment inhibit us from creating the life we want to live.

 "- Why is everyone so happy except me? The student asked.

- Because they have learned to see goodness and beauty everywhere.” Said the master

- Why don’t I see beauty and goodness everywhere?

- Because you can not see outside of you what you fail to see inside.”[3]

We need to recognize the ego tricks that are constantly working to convince us that the world should not be the way it is. It is essential that we become conscious of our habitual thought patterns, specifically negative ones. We need to let go of the need to win (there are no looser in a world where we all share the same Source energy); the need to be right (an ego trick: ego that wants us to believe that there is such thing as right and wrong; that wants to keep us in duality); the attachment to our reputation and status; the need to be approved of; the need to self-sacrifice. We need to let go of identifying with achievement.

We are Source energy; we are the Observer and; the creator....not the things that we create! Our ego-selves can never create! They do not exist! They are the images of who we are, and have been constructed by our mind! – We- ego-self- do not create anything! Source energy does! Sprit does! It is the life force, moving through us...All ego-tricks are created by the mind which keeps us believing that these attributes are what we are. To get out of the grip of ego-identification, we need to let ourselves experience the soft pain of our repressed feelings, we need to move toward what we fear, what we resist and avoid.

As long as our thoughts are on what others expert from us-even though we might despise their expectations- we’ll continue to react and attract more of what they want and express for us. (Vicious circle) At this point, it is extremely useful to be able to identify who is reacting and to ask “Do what they expect of me match what I expect of myself?” Can I get in a place of being relaxed enough to laugh or at least smile at the absurdity of being upset or frustrated over the expectations of others about how I should be running my life ?” Critics -inner and outer- will realize that their judgment is pointless each time they get no reaction from us, and they might eventually desist.

As a helper, my intention is always to identify the sphere of consciousness the worker is in, and see if there is enough adult ego present to challenge the misconceptions. One way is to find the worker’s negative intent, work with it and replace it with a positive intent.

For example:

Replace “I am annoyed with my family: they don’t see me or understand me.”with"I love my family. They don't see my ways but I don’t expect them to.I see and understand myself and I send them love.” or “I am sick of trying to please everyone on the world.”with “I am aligned with my purpose and do what I have signed up to do in this lifetime.” or “I am forever stuck in child consciousness. I can't help it.” with “I am a divine creation. I remember that at work I am definitely mostly aligned with my healthy adult ego consciousness.” 

We must once and for all rid ourselves of the illusion that we are the ones who are going to manifest our heart's desire through our self-will. Any thoughts that take us backward will stand in the way of manifesting our desires .

As a helper my intention is to accept my worker where she is. It is to be with her without the need to have her move forward or backward, to acquire knowledge, insights or realization. Modeling a healthy, mature adult, I honor her journey, step by step, with understanding and compassion. I know that in truth, she lacks nothing and is not broken.

B- The importance of setting clear, positive intentions.

Setting clear, positive intentions bring about pleasure, joy, and transformation. When we align with Universal Will we emanate high frequencies and impact people who hold lower and slower energies. People around us feel calmer, energized and unified. They often feel better because they have felt seen, heard, and understood; because they have been held and loved; because they have been accepted as they are. They are opening up to a sense of purpose and truth (low energy people can not distinguish truth from untruth) and are learning to trust in authentic personal connections. They are connecting to the illusory ego-self within, and can sense that this is not who they really are.  

Some intentions I align with every day:·

  • I surrender personal will to Universal Will·
  • I see beauty in everyone and everything.·
  • I trust in what comes through me, and the wisdom of its pace.·
  • I align with truth, love and light.·
  • I appreciate life in all its manifestations·
  • My intention to start my session on time and to end it on time. 

Positive intention is an aspect of the constant two-way flow of communication between two living things. I start my sessions with a Hara Alignment and visualization (see appendices). Through intention I align myself, workers and clients with their divine perfection and purpose. Creation acts upon the possibility that anything that is thought of, can be. It is essential for the worker to set the intention to change and grow. This is the first step toward the return to his/her original state of perfection. I then invite the workers / clients to write down their intention. Stating a positive intention keep workers focused on their core and helps them see where they need to focus on their personal work. It supports their ability to get through their session and access the “true concept”. It helps keep the light of their consciousness on their path to self-realization.

Setting a positive Intention helps me and workers identify where they are blocking themselves ; what stops them from moving toward their longing. It helps workers connect to their negative intent, an essential piece of information for getting them out of the vicious circle of their habitual, negative behavior.

Negative Intent is the desperate attempt of the ego NOT to feel pain (which leads to addictions to pleasure) and remain in control (separate and isolated). I set an intention for the session and trust that it will be carries it out. I have learned to let go of expecting a certain outcome. When align with Universal Will, I return to that from which I originally emanated, Source energy. The more I work with intentionality, in its positive and negative aspects, the more I realize how powerful it is.

Understanding intentionality and the haric dimension has supported and hastened my awakening. I am learning to set clear intentions before I do anything and teach my workers and clients to do the same. Before a session, I do a little preparation work that helps me clear my energy field, the space I am working in, and raise my vibrations. My goal is always to create an inner and outer container, an energy field of the highest frequency into which I welcome the worker. Through meditation and hara alignment, my intention is always to establish an open and clear communication between all the levels of my being. 

“We were born to manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others”[1].

C - Negative Intentionality: Aligning with our personal ego-will

The Blocks:

When we are unable to bring into our life what we want it is because we are no longer in harmony with Source energy. It is because we have disconnected from our core essence, the Source within. The animal, vegetable and mineral worlds do not seem to be disconnected from their Source, so how do we lose our connection? Our identification with “who we think we are”- our ego-self- seems to be the cause of the disconnection.Why? Because its very existence is based on separation. Ego believes that we are defined by our possessions, our achievements, our reputation, our body. Ego insists that we are separate from God, life, others, the world. No matter how hard we try, we will never access the full power of Universal Will through our ego, for ego is complete illusion: it is a fabrication of self, an image created by our thoughts and beliefs. It is the cause of all suffering.

Our work then becomes the work of seeing our ego-self for the illusion that it is. We must become indifferent to the calls and beliefs of our ego-will. The more we learn to recognize and ignore the tricks of our personal will, the more we are able to surrender to the life stream and align with Universal Will; the more we are able to create what we want. In lecture # 195, the Pathwork guide describes a negative intent as an unconscious attitude that expresses NOT to want to give, to love, to contribute to life & the world, to reach out, to receive, to live well. And because it is unconscious, it holds a great magnetic power over our life.

When part of our psyche is aligned with our negative intent, we are in resistance: we want to hold onto a state that negates self and life; that says NO to “what is”. This is the process of resisting the life flow. We trick ourselves by insisting that we can’t help being and feeling this way. We believe that this is who we are, that there is nothing else to us. 

The Way Out:

Negative intents originated in childhood, where resisting was the only way the child had to preserve his/her selfhood. Nowadays, the child consciousness within us equates giving up resistance with capitulation of his/her individuality: a terrorizing prospect to say the least. So how do we approach this dilemma? The Pathwork guide states that we will be able to move out of our negative intentionality when we have stopped identifying with it:“You can not give up what you are identified with”Then, the way out of negative intentionality becomes simple. All we have to do is realize that it is a matter of shifting our inner sense of identity. Moment by moment, we can find our way out of every obstacle, negative and challenging situations by asking questions such as: “Is this really all that I am? Is this really true? What else is possible? What else is true? Who am I identified with in this moment?” Through realizing which part of self I am aligned with, which sphere of consciousness I am navigating in, I experience a larger view of what is happening. I become the conscious observer. I identify the experience instead of being identified with it. 

"When you become willing to honor decency, truth, love and fairness more than the apparent advantages of the fearful, holding, vain little ego, your liberation will truly proceed.”[2]

When we are unaware of our negative intents, we are controlled by them and we act them out into the world.“Any feeling is destructive that is not an expression of the whole truth of the situation. Become aware of where you are off center in your feelings, reactions and inner reasoning.”[3],. We defend against life and live in a field of deprivation and lack. We exist in a tight and closed energy-consciousness field. Our rigidity on all the levels of our being restricts the flow of the life force. We are separate from Source energy, from Universal Will. Since we aren’t receptive, we cannot open up to its unlimited abundance. It is therefore essential to look within and explore where and when we are driven by our negativities and negative intents. We need to relax, to open up and empty out what is inside us for, in the words of Jesus of Nazareth:” If you bring forth what is inside you, what you bring forth will save you. If you don’t bring forth what is inside you, what is inside you will destroy you.”

To transform our negative intentionality, we first need to accept our part, our responsibility in creating our isolation, loneliness, hate, spite, resentment and the suffering we ‘re in . We need to identify and name the part of us that refuses to assume responsibility for our life’s creation. We need to find where we have misplaced our will to live; where we actually are experiencing pleasure from negative situations, relationships, attitudes and actions. This step is difficult to take. We resist taking it. Most of our resistance exists because we refuse to accept the part of our psyche that lives in darkness and wants to destroy life (our negative intentionality).

Taking that step and committing to live in truth requires a healthy, mature adult ego self, strongly connected to essence / Source energy; an adult ego which can accept his basic goodness/light as well as his temporary shadow side/ darkness. From this place of awareness, we then align with our resources. “

If the adult mind /intelligence, is being used to shed light on irrational demands so that it becomes clear that they are unrealistic and unfair and that the result of emotional reactions prove destructive for all involved, then a lot will be gained and truth will emerge.”[4]

[1]Marianne Williamson- A Return To Love

[2][3] Pathwork Guide – Lecture #[4]

III – Hara Work and the Haric Dimension

A- Description and dysfunctions

According to martial artists, hara is the area within the physical body --lower belly-- where all movements originate. Hara also implies the quality of strength, energy and focused power held in a single point called the Tan-Tien. The Tan-Tien, located 2.5 inches bellow the belly button, is a center of spiritual power. Barbara Brennan states that the Tan-Tien holds a unique vibrationnal note that holds our body in physical manifestation. When this note vibrates at the same frequency as the core of the earth, we are grounded. When this note stops vibrating, our body dies. As we change its vibration, our life circumstances change.

Intentionality exits on a dimension deep into our basic nature. It is the third dimension of our being; one which hold our intentions, life task and purpose. The hara line is an energetic line that comes from above, flows vertically in the midline of our body and continues straight down into the core of the earth. It holds three important points: the Tan-Tien, as mentioned above, which connects us to the power source of the earth, the Soul-Seat, located in our upper chest, which holds our spiritual longing, and the ID point –point of incarnation-- three feet above our head, our access to Spirit/Unitive Consciousness.

A healthy hara line is straight, energized, bright and well rooted in the earth’s core. People with this hara configuration are healthy, on-line with their life task, have personal integrity and a powerful, personal purpose synchronized with Universal Purpose. When our hara line is aligned with Universal Will, we are aligned with everyone who is also aligned in their hara, and we are aligned with the earth’s hara. We have no adversary, we do not argue, we do not need to defend or win or be right. We are grounded, and respectful of self, others and the earth.

Any change in our intentionality corresponds to a shifting in the position of our hara line. Distortions in the hara line and its three points depict the tremendous suffering of humanity. Right and wrong arguments and the need to defend and win come from being at cross-purpose with oneself. It means that part of us is aligned with Universal Will, with the flow of the life force, and part of us is not.

Part of us is resisting the life stream. When we are misaligned, we are no longer in truth or reality: we have aligned with our personal ego-will. We are in illusion. Procrastination, sloppy work, misunderstanding, confusion, broken contracts are all signs of misalignment, of being at cross-purpose. When we experience these states, it is time to look for the part of us that says NO to life; the part of our psyche which has become identified with an aspect of our dark side/lower self, the negative intent that is running our life.

To the extent you have aligned your hara line, to that exact degree you are on-line with your purpose and are in positive intent.

To the extent you are you are not on- line in your haric level, to that exact degree you are in negative intent. [1]

Barbara Brennan tells us that “most people do not hold their hara line in alignment. A few can hold it about 30% the time. A very few- 50% - perhaps! Most people are misaligned and suffer from it."[2]

The Tan-Tien

When there is a dysfunction in the Tan-Tien, we are unable to let go of the need to control our experiences. We experience safety issues and perceive the world as dangerous, unsafe and unfair. We adjust to this perception by being overly aggressive (the bully) or submissive (the victim). We often feel like we are under attack, so we defend against others/life/the world. We use a forcing current --our immature ego-will-- to move through life because we are not connected to our own inner authority. Not being grounded into our own power give us no support for healthy assertion. We have no direction in life, no sense of spiritual longing. We do not know our life purpose nor can we accomplish it. We have no connection tospirituality or God.

The Soul Seat

When there is a dysfunction in the soul seat, we can’t feel the deep pain of our human experience. We have deep emotional/heart-related issues but we are unable to access them. We feel numb, and walk through life as if we were under anesthesia, as if we were sleepwalkers. That numbness often exists to cover up great, unprocessed sadness and grief. We do not know how to mourn. We have no sense of what we want to do in our life. We drift, sometimes depressed, oftentimes holding an attitude of having given up, of not caring.

The ID point

When there is a dysfunction in the ID point, we can’t seem to transcend our human experience and access who we are as a spiritual being. We struggle with God Image/issues.Wehold a deep cynicism because we have little understanding about life, no connection or knowing of a higher intelligence/God. We are the atheists and the agnostics of the world.

B- Hara Work

   The main objective of a hara work/healing is to strengthen and align the client’s hara, and thus help in the unfoldment of her life task and greater purpose. It is also excellent for any physical and structural misalignment. It also affects strongly the level of the human personality. Realigning and clearing the hara line and its three points allows all psychological issues to rise to the surface of consciousness to be worked on. Hara healing helps with depression because it helps release the repressed energy. The worker can claim this new energy and feel sustained by it: When I re-align the worker’s hara line, I aim to reconnect the worker with her longing, her purpose and her life task.

In my healing practice and Pathwork sessions, I havefound that:

The Tan-Tien holds the energetic configuration of the wounding of the will-type personality. Wounding around the need to control/power and the loss of control/power. As a Helper, my work here is to assist workers identify the part of their psyche --negative intent-- that absolutely refuses to let go of control, of being in charge. Working energetically with the Tan-Tien transforms aggression and victimization into healthy assertion and empowerment. It repairs the lost connection to one’s inner authority and reconnects us with the earth/planet’s power. It gives us access to true power and courage.

The Soul Seat holds the energetic configuration of the wounding of the emotion-type personality. Wounding around the ability to experience pleasure in this physical body and the loss of that ability. As a Helper, my work here is to assist workers identify the part of their psyche --negative intent-- that absolutely refuses to feel the depth of their emotional pain. Uncovering the Soul Seat from its energetic shrouding means inviting in the process of mourning. As workers truly mourn the losses in their life, their numbness is transformed. As they surrender to the experience of soft pain, the repressed energy moves, helping any depression to lift. Only then can they truly access the power of their own heart, their immense ability to love.

The ID Point holds the energetic configuration of the wounding of the reason-type personality. Wounding around the ability to give and receive love unconditionally and loss of that ability. As a Helper, my work here is to assist workers identify the part of their psyche --negative intent-- that absolutely refuses to look deep within and connect to what is. Clearing and realigning the ID point helps transform our basic misunderstandings, misconceptions and images about self, life and God. It brings up the negative intentionality that prevents us from connecting with a Higher Consciousness. It takes us out of our withdrawn and isolated state and reconnects us with the true wisdom and serenity of our nature. It brings us into Unitive Consciousness.

C- Other Energy Work

Brain Balancing

At the end of the session, I align with the intention to re-connect the two hemispheres of the worker’s brain. My aim is to create a fluid and integrated left-right brain. It is important to synchronize the limbic (the emotional, intuitive, creative and artistic center) and cortical (the higher reasoning, logical, analytical, linear and speech center) parts of the brain. The brain works best when it is unified, when both hemispheres communicate and all its resources are available. It is in this union that we can feel and think at the same time, that our humanity and our spirituality become a coherent whole.

Core Essence

The core dimension exists beneath the haric dimension. It is the fourth and deepest dimension of a human being. At this level we are the pure energy-consciousness that knows, observes and is life unfolding. At the level of essence, we exist outside of time, space, physical incarnation and even the concept of the soul; we embody the energies of wisdom, serenity, courage, power and love. In the physical body, our core essence is a point of light located 1.5 inches above the navel, deep within our solar plexus. It is a brilliant star whose light expands into infinity. It is both the individual god and the Universal God within. It is the life force that is moving through us, on all the levels of our being. Where it is most fully expressed we are in harmony with ourselves/others/the world. We neither resist nor grasp our life experiences. Where it is least expressed we suffer and encounter endless obstacles and problems. Unitive Consciousness /God moves and manifest through our core essence. Allowing this process of opening up to Spirit will change our life. All aspects of our being, of our life circumstances will be affected. When we align with who we are as spiritual Beings, we see God/light in everything and everyone. We see core essence shining through every being. We become undivided vessels for the creative force to move through us, touch though us, and speak through us. We feel rich, full and lack nothing.

People disconnected from their core have no connection to their creativity and spirituality. They do not experience themselves as spiritual beings, as unique center of light, as manifestation of the life force. They have forgotten who they are, will tell you that they are not creative, and do not know how to connect to a higher realm of Consciousness. They can not access their own spirit and have no access to the immensity of their resources.

Core Expansion: aVisualization, Prayer and Blessing

The core expansion is a transfiguration healing that assists clients/workers to extend their roots from the center of the earth to the center of their own core. It will assist workers to experience the four dimensions of their being. Doing the Core Expansion visualization (see appendix II) on a daily basis will transform our life circumstances. It will bring us peace, relaxation, clarity, strength and well-being.

We are already one and we imagine that we are not.

And what we have to recover is our original unity.

Whatever we haveto be is what we are.[3]

Following the energy work of Brain Balancing, I invite my client’s essence to upwell into the four levels of their being. I wait until I sense their individual essence illuminate their intention, their personality, their physical body and continues spilling out in the universe.

But one momentwith me, my dear

Will show you that there isnothing,

nothing Hafiz wants from you.

When you sit before a Masterlike me,

Even if you are a droolingmess,

My eyes sing with Excitement.

They see yourdivine Worth.[4]

D - What I have learned about energy work

When I open to core essence, I encounter a pure, unbounded energy with very high vibrancy. It is invisible, formless and without boundaries, and yet I sense it move through my entire body with such force that I start to vibrate.

· All that is needed is to hold the vibration of workers’ divine perfection. Source is never focused on what’s wrong, what’s missing or out of balance. I aim to reconnect clients/workers to Source energy/essence. I silently pray for their health and well-being, and ask for them to be restored to their original perfection. I am not asking for healing, for this would come from the assumption that health was missing from their life (poverty consciousness). Source energy can only recognize and respond to what it is (abundance consciousness).

The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but our aim is too low and we reach it.[5]

I am learning to trust in the way the energy moves through my hands, through my whole being. I am constantly reminding myself that there is nothing I (ego-will) need to do, except to get out of the way!

Hara work is powerful and deep work. My intention is to notice the negative thoughts patterns and behaviors which create the workers resistance and point them out, while I stay connected to my own process. Not an easy task! Entering the resistance becomes the work toward liberation. As energy moves through the resistance, it lessens, and the issues surface.

· Dropping into the dimension of essence means total surrender of my personal ego-will. This is the place where the mature adult ego-self knows it can’t go; the place where I jump into the abyss and trust that I will be carried. This is where, on all the levels of my being, I experience Oneness and the perfection of all creation.

· I am realizing the importance of working with the spiritual law of cause and effect. It helps me understand why my life is the way it is. I am realizing that I can change my life’s creations by shifting my consciousness, by intending differently. People, events, life circumstances are neither good nor bad. They simply are! My work then is to pay close attention, stay awake and notice where my alignment is. Only then can I choose to change it, a moment by moment process. On an energetic level, source energy is neutral. It is through the process of coming through the human psyche/physical dimension that it seems to pick up twisted psychic particles and bend out of shape, a bit like light waves do when they enter water! Interesting!

· I am learning to strengthen my ability to hold a coherent field, to stay consistent in maintaining high vibration by constantly re-aligning my hara line. Doing this conscious work allows for surrender to a greater intelligence, a greater healing force. Spirit, light and love can only flow through if I (ego-self) step out of the way. I am not in charge; I do not heal: the life force/God’s Grace does.

· As my sessions evolve, I see how I send less and less time discussing illness, problems and trauma. I focus instead on holding the intention and energy of harmony, truth, light, clarity and coherency; of holding and inviting clients and workers into connecting to their own essence and true being. We need to get out of the story by not giving it any energy.

If you don't have a story, you don't have to live up to it. Get rid of any parts of your story that keep you focused on what has always been.[6]

 In choosing to see God/The Divine in everything and everyone, I am realizing that darkness, as well as light, is a manifestation of Spirit. It is all energy and movement! I am becoming aware that starvation, ignorance, diseases, disasters and war are all parts of the perfection of the universe, which knows nothing of ego and separation. So is my intention to end these things, a part of that same perfection. ALL IS WELL.

· I am drawn to read more about the ancient mystics. I feel moved by their love, and understand their deep, passionate call to honor, serve and consecrate God/Spirit in all things. In my modern life, I wonder about what such life would look like for me; about the possibility of reconciling seclusion and devotion with an active life; about praising Spirit while being actively involved in and with the world. I am in the unknown, and trust that the form of my love for all life will be revealed in time.

Who can bestow upon another what he does not have? And who can share what he denies himself?[7]


Pathwork sessions assist workers/clients to change their consciousness by questioning their belief systems, identifying their misconceptions and images and finding the true concepts. Brennan Work brings in the energetic movement of this transformation into the four dimensions of their being. By working within the haric dimension I am able to connect and support the clients/workers with their longing. By working with the three points on the hara line, I work with specific aspects of their psyche and uncover the energetic blocks that prevent them from moving toward their longing.

Combining Pathwork Sessions with energy work, I support change of consciousness with energetic transformation. Both modalities offer workers and clients a different and larger experience of their being, one of essence and Spirit. Both aim to bring ease into our human experience though bringing forth our spiritual dimension. As we remember the true essence of our humane nature, as we recall our life’s purpose and fulfill our life and world tasks, humanity will take a quantum leap forward, causing our ever-changing world to unfold, and our reality to expand beyond our wildest imagination. I find this potential reality truly fascinating and await eagerly the new experiences that will emerge.

As we become more conscious human beings, as we awaken to all of our potentials, our “doors of perceptions will be cleansed and everything will appear to us as it is: infinite.”[8]


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